Corporate services

Corporate services

1. Foundation and registration of companies:

  • Assistance in selecting the most appropriate legal form for the establishment of a company;
  • Full legal assistance for the registration of companies – preparation of documents, supply of documents, ledgement in the Commercial Register, the completion of the registration and supply a certificate from the Commercial Register for the registration / current status of the company;
  • Registration of changes of circumstances entered in the already registered companies;
  • Transformation of companies;
  • Assistance and representation in bankruptcy and liquidation.

2. Routine legal services for companies:

  • Legal assistance and advice in conducting corporate meetings, preparing all types of commercial and corporate documents and contracts;
  • Legal assistance and consultation to resolve disputes with partners and corporate bodies – extrajudicial and judicial;
  • Legal assistance and representation before administrative bodies of state and local authorities to implement company’s activities;
  • Advice and representation in negotiations with contractors;
  • Preparation of contracts and legal services;
  • Counseling and provision of verbal and written legal opinions on specific cases assigned;
  • Consultation in the field of labor relations between company and its employees, preparation of all documents related to labor relations;
  • Legal assistance, protection and representation in court and arbitration proceedings;
  • Legal subscription services.

3. Tax consulting and accounting services:

  • Publication of annual financial statements in the Commercial Register;
  • Providing taxation legal services;
  • VAT registration (voluntary or mandatory);
  • Legal assistance and protection in proceedings for the issuance of tax assessment acts.