Company registration

Company establishment in Bulgaria (Register your company in Bulgaria from A to Z)

1) Most common types of merchants are:

1. A Limited Liability Company (ООD)
2. A Joint-stock company (АD)
3. A Branch
4. A Holding

Our package of services includes:

  • Full preparation of all necessary documents and tax payments for company registration
  • Company Registration Number
  • Headquarters and office address registration/virtual office
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Make of a company stamp

2) Other regulated types of merchants are:

1. A Sole Proprietorship (ET)
2. An Unlimited (General) Partnership (SD)
3. A Limited Partnership (KD)
4. A Public company
5. A Joint venture
6. Public Limited Partnership (KD s aktzii)
7. Cooperative (regulated by the Cooperatives Act)

Legal Services

1) Legal subscription service;
2) Real estate due diligence (investigation of the legal history, the ownership title documents and urban status of the properties) and assistance in front of notary;
3) Taxation legal advice;
4) Legal support of all kind of company’s activities (contracts, representation, litigation);

Accounting services

1) VAT registration;
2) Submission of VAT returns;
3) Income and expense invoices processing;
4) Submission of annual tax return to National revenue agency;
5) Submission of annual financial report to Trade register;
6) Flexible prices for month/annual subscription.